Exworthy Educational Resources

 Resources for Staff Development

Thornburg Center -Lecture Handouts, speeches and information for staff development are here. These guys are well known speakers and proponents of technology in schools. All of their speeches are in audio and in print.

School Improvement Research- Staff Development- Here are the things to consider and methods for teaching teachers and other adults.

Evaluating Technology-Based Curriculum Materials- Technology that is fitted to curriculum can stimulate the development of higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills, supporting collaborative, globalized learning. This digest reviews how educators can evaluate technology-based curriculum materials for use in the classroom.

Global School Network - Information regarding educational links, web tutorials and on-line web classes is available at GSN.

TeachNet - Impact II site providing leadership, research and information to educators in the 21st C.

Creative Teaching- Here is a nice collection of teaching ideas, philosophy, and methods involving technology.

GSN- This Global SchoolHouse site contains models, guides and tutorials to assist you in using the Internet and Web as collaborative learning media. Teachers will find project based instruction, web research, collaborative web projects, resources, and staff development slideshows.

Thirteen Ed Online-  This is a comprehensive Web service for K-12 teachers, offering everything from lesson plans to online training for beginning Web users. Find software tutorials, student samples, technology research, and more.

The History of the Computer- Staff development sessions can include this great timeline describing the development of the computer. This History of the Internet is likewise valuable.