Exworthy Educational Resources



Hyperstudio Tutorial- Beginning users will benefit from this basic and graphically rich introduction to making Hyperstudio stacks.

Hyperstudio Teacher Tutorial- Here are detailed instructions with screen shots for doing most everything with Hyperstudio.

GEC Computers Hyperstudio Page- Complete with screenshots, this site has ideas, tips, tricks, and special projects using Hyperstudio.

A Quick Tutorial to Hyperstudio- Here are two pages of graphics and directions to get the beginner going on a project.

Introduction to Hyperstudio- This covers Version 4.

Advanced Hyperstudio Tips- Find how to use new button actions, cookie cutter, movies, gradients, plug-ins, animations, drop-off buttons, testing templates, and more.

Hyperstudio Teacher Tutorial- Complete with screenshots, this site tells how to do everything in Hyperstudio 5.

BLT Hyperstudio Tutorial- This tutorial was created for use with the PC-compatible computer in mind.

Color Tessellation Hyperstudio Tips- Step by step directions are found at this very complete tutorial that integrates tessellations with Hyperstudio.

Hyperstudio Updates- If you are using an older version of Hyperstudio, update to the latest featured version for free.

Hyperstudio Links- This is a nice collection of links to student work, tutorials, and information.

Hyperstudio Animations- This tutorial explains (with screenshots) how to create an animation.

Color Tessellation HyperStudio Tips- Here are reminders to use with a class where the primary objective is to use the tools of HyperStudio to tessellate in color.