Exworthy Educational Resources

Photoshop and Graphic Editors

Photoshop Resources- Here is a good collection of tutorials.

Deep Space Web- This tutorial is divided into the basics, special effects, text and graphics. 

Tech Boston- Under application handouts, find 17 detailed lessons for all areas of learning (teaching) Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Workshop- Doug Peterson presents this great 5 part tutorial workshop for beginning Photoshop use. 

Adobe Tutorials- Find many links to tutorials Photoshop, Premiere, and other Adobe applications.

Site Design and Graphics- This huge resource for design and graphics contains tips for using Photoshop.

Get Animated- Here is the place to find GIF animation shareware downloads, as well as learn to create simple animation effects without having artistic talent.

Desktop Publishing- This site contains some good background information for learning about graphics, layers, bitmaps, painting programs, drawing programs, and other concepts used with Photoshop.

Atomic Learning: iPhoto- Download for free and have sound and video teach you how to use iPhoto.

Computer Art Lessons: Using MS Paint- Here are some lessons using Microsoft Paint.