Exworthy Educational Resources

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Tutorial- Here are many lessons that cover basic navigation, use of features, formatting, tables, and everything else for using Word .

Microsoft Word For Teachers- This is a tutorial that covers the basic skills: text box, graphic insertion, word art, spell check, bullets, and more.

MS Word Tutorial- Here is a tutorial for beginning users. 

Nail It Now Tutorial- This is a detailed beginning tutorial for Word.

BayCon Group- Beginning Word Tutorial

How To Create A Newsletter Using Word- This is a printable handout from Nancy Gridley and Laura Oakes.

Editing in Word- This handout details how teachers or peer editors can use "Track Changes" in Word to edit students' writing.  

Track Changes- The purpose of this document is to help guide Microsoft Word users with the use of the track changes feature.

Integrative Ink provides similar information. Find full tutorials for using Word and Corel.