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Job Description-Duties,  Qualifications 

The Role of Technology Coordinator- This document examines the purpose and responsibilities of the technology coordinator (TC) in K-12 schools.

Instructional Technology Coordinator Recommended Competencies- Wisconsin lists 20 detailed responsibilities.

The Role of Technology Coordinator- This stie describes the job, ideal for staff development. 

The 17 Commandments for a Technology Coordinator- Here are 17 sanity savers brainstormed by technology coordinators- Great ideas!

Information Technology Coordinator- This page details the roles and responsibilities for Technology Coordinators.

SWAT Students Working To Advance Technology- Here is the information about student-run troubleshooting and staff development programs. Find program presentations, lessons, teams in action and more.

Roles of the Technology Coordinator- Here is a list of basic duties.

Technology Coordinator Job Description-Here are 14 areas of duties, together with a listing of necessary qualifications for the position. 

Duties and Responsibilities of School District Technology Coordinator-

Technology Coordinator's Job Description- Here is a detailed description of duties and qualifications for a coordinator.

Technology Coordinator: Curriculum Leader or Electronic Janitor? The author offers the problems associated with the position, as well as the roles and responsibilities.

Mission Statement- A TC provides these duties.