Exworthy Educational Resources

Education Grant Opportunities

NetDay Compass- Find technology grant opportunities, along with tech integration, classroom support, planning, and network infrastructure.

Scholastic Administrator Magazine- This edition contains information on applying for grants, maxing out your e-rate, and selling a bond issue to the public..

SchoolGrants- This is the premier collection of K-12 grant listings on the Web. Effectively organized and easy to navigate, this is a great resource for finding funding!

Discretionary Grant Application Packages- Year 2000-2001 Here is a listing of grants with links to their applications.

Pitsco- Here is another huge collection of annotated links to educational grant opportunities.

Federal Funding for Technology in Education- This site covers all of the opportunities for acquiring technology from the government.. 

Creative Learning Communities Grant- This grant program provides grants to public elementary schools that seek support for designing and implementing creative teaching strategies that improve student performance.

Smarter Kids.org- This foundation has smaller grants for hardware for the classroom. Complete a 100 word or less online application. National Foundation for the Improvement of Education- Michael Jordan, the JORDAN Brand, and NFIE are teaming up to provide grants for secondary school teachers who are helping underserved students to succeed at school and in life. Grant guidelines are now available.

The Fundraising Directory- This very large collection of links to fundraising organizations contains a newsletter and special links for teachers.

Cisco Virtual Schoolhouse Grant- Cisco awards networking equipment to schools that provide a detailed tech plan and proof that they know what to do with the goods.

Toshiba- This organization invests in projects designed by and with classroom teachers that improve science and science-related education for students in schools, grades 7 thru 12.   The average award for a small project is slightly less than $4,000.

American Honda- Honda awards grants of $10,000 to $75,000 for projects focused on math, 
science, the environment, and technology.

Technology Innovation Challenge Grant Competition- Here are the applications and previous winners listings.

Technology and Learning- Grants and Contests- Here are funding resources for schools.

Resource Guide to Federal Funding for Technology in Education- Here is a comprehensive list of programs with  descriptions of resources, requirements, and contact information for technology in education. It's here!

Kathy Schrock's Grant Sources for Educators-  Here are links to great educational grants, complete with site descriptions.

National Science Teachers Association- This organization offers grant so k-12 science teachers for innovative science projects.

Toyota Tapestry Grants for Teachers- Toyota offers grants to K–12 science teachers. Grants are given to innovative projects that enhance science education in the school and/or school district. Grant applications are due mid January.

NSTA Award- This award is given to an elementary science teacher who has demonstrated exemplary earth science (specifically environmental or geology) teaching practices in one or more of the following areas: innovative design and use of hands-on earth science materials; creative design and implementation of earth science lesson plans/curriculum.

Knight Foundation- Grants are offered for programs in education, journalism and the arts, but the best part may be the downloadable  sample proposal that grant seekers may use as an example.

National Geographic- K-12 Grants- The Education Foundation provides a permanent and expanding source of financial support for exemplary geography education programs.

eSchools News Online- Funding- Find the inside information on technology grant opportunities for schools at this nice link collection.

Unsung Heroes Awards- Northern Life insurance will award $25K to an innovative teachers. Submit someone you know.

FY1999 Workshops for Grant Applicants- Visitors will find applicant information, questions and answers related to the Department of Education's various grant initiatives. Bibliographies contain research publications supporting the grant initiatives that can be useful for any grant writer!

U.S. Department of Education- Technology- This site provides lots of information and a good overview of the U.S. Government's role in education and technology. Find grant resources, conferences, e-rate information and more.

U.S. Department of Education- Funding Opportunities- From the U.S. Department of Education, grant application packages and budget information for teachers can be found here.

U.S. Department of Education- Grant Information- Here are grant forms, grant forecasts, policies and more.

Federal Register- Announcements- Here are downloadable extracts from current educational grants organized by date.

Box Tops for Education- General Mills sponsors this "cash for schools" program. Register your school; save box tops and get the cash!

Grants and Other People's Money- This site concentrates on grants that focus on science, math, engineering, and educational technology. They have a large database organized by due date. This is a good one!

Starfish Grants- This foundation lists grants for programs that work with children with disabilities.