Exworthy Educational Resources

Tech Plan Guides

Technology Use Plan Resource- Capistrano Unified provides this wonderful page that takes the team through the process of completing a plan.

Bellingham Schools: Technology and Learning- Find many resources for developing technology: assessments, tech planning tools, tech standards, plans, copyright, video conferencing, and lots more.

Contra Costa County Office of Ed.- This district is a good model.

Tech Soup's Getting Help With Your Tech Plan- This is an excellent and thorough guide that covers all phases and components. Find great examples and very useful information.

Technology Fundraising- This site has ideas for designing a Tech Plan, including the resources that provide inspiration when integrating training, funding, volunteers, and more into your plan.

Guiding Questions for Technology Planning

NetDay Compass- Start your planning here! Here is the place to find resources for every step of technology planning and integration. Find wonderful links to information about planning, infrastructure, grants & funding, classroom support, best practices and lots more.

Switched On Classroom-  This is a 12-step technology planning and implementation process for public schools.  

Nat’l Center of Tech Planning- This organization provides technology planning and staff development articles, references, and a complete listing of sites containing School District' and individual school's technology plans.