Exworthy Educational Resources

Staff Workshop and Pre-Writing Tools

Arts Wire Spider School- Here is an agenda for conducting a one-day workshop about Technology Planning. It contains rubrics, information, and more! This is a great resource.

Taking Total Cost of Ownership to the Classroom- This site helps school leaders understand the long-term costs involved in building and operating a network of computers. Use this site to budget adequately to cover all the associated costs to build and operate a network.

NCrtec Learning With Technology Profile Tool- This page contains multiple choice questions that, when submitted, produce a graph representation of your current or ideal learning environment.

Dashboard Lite- Wow! Here is a free online survey that creates a graph representing your school's technology program, comparable to other schools in your district, your state, or nation. Suggestions as to how to improve are provided, useable when planning.

Building the 21st Century School- This site was designed a step by step process to lead you through an integrated planning process, complete with flow charts, planning tables, graphics, and spreadsheets!

Compaq Tech Builder- This free, Internet-based technology use planning tool guides schools in the development of a comprehensive Technology Plan.