Exworthy Educational Resources

Utilities and Resources

No Wonder- This site contains the latest information related to certification and provides fast response to e-mailed tech support questions

Idrive- i-drive is personal internet space free, secure place for your stuff—your resume, your MP3s, your photos—any file you want to access remotely.

Acronym Finder- If you run across an acronym that you don't know or remember, this site will clue you in.

Jfax- If you have no access to the fax machine or the fax software is a little sketchy, this site allows users to receive fax messages through email for free.

Calendars.net- Display and edit your own calendar of events. Let others post and view events . . . or not.

TechJourney- Here are lots of links to valuable resources, organized by topic.

Web Attack  Major Geek  - Find freeware, shareware, utilities, tools,  top downloads