Exworthy Educational Resources

Rubrics and Assessments

Rubrics For Web Lessons- This is a great resource for teachers in search for rubrics. Teachers can find rubrics for Hyperstudio stacks, scientific reports, oral presentations, and collaborative projects.

 Examples of Rubrics -  Here are lots of rubrics for any topic! 

Rubrics- SCORE provides rubric contents for biographies, editorials, reports, collaborations, web pages, Hyperstudio presentations, and research reports.

Rubistar- This resource allows users to create rubrics for a variety of subjects. 

Rubrics and Evaluation Resources- Find multimedia presentation, software selection, writing, book report, and other rubrics here. 

Project Based Learning Rubric Generator- This site lists rubric goals, organized by grade level, and allows teachers to customize and print a variety of rubrics.

Dr. Alice Christie's List of Webquest Rubrics- Here are some rubrics and checklists used to evaluate Webquest participation and group project presentations, some found on actual webquest project pages. 

Secondary Assessment Tools- Here are alternative assessments done in middle and high school.

Multimedia Madness Rubric- Here is a great rubric for multimedia projects.

Midlink's Rubrics, Links, and Assessments- A tremendous resource for teachers, this site has a webpage evaluation form, electronic fieldtrip handout, web resources, lots of multimedia rubrics, web tutorials.

Kathy Schrock's Assessment Rubrics- She has done it again with this very complete collection of rubrics that are organized by educator skills, subject, and student web page design.

Teach-nology's Rubric Maker- Fill out the form and create a rubric for behavior, projects, writing, keyboarding, and more here.