Exworthy Educational Resources

Critical Thinking Resources


 Critical Issue: Creating High-Achieving Learning Environments- Here are wonderful research articles that provide an overview, goals, pitfalls, action options, and more related to critical thinking integration.

Creating High Achieving Learning Environments- Here are links to articles exposing the necessity and problems with implementing critical thinking in the classroom.

Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum- Here is the when to use, the how to set up, and the evaluation for critical thinking activities.

Research and Critical Thinking- This wonderful resource contains annotated links to lessons and information for integrating critical thinking, organized by Concept Mapping, Web Site Evaluation, Research Skills and Tools, Search Tools, and Critical Thinking and the Web.

School Improvement Research Series- Here is the definition, rationale, research, and controversies associated with critical thinking education.

Helping Our Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills- Here is the why and how for setting up your classroom that emphasizes deeper critical thinking.