Exworthy Educational Resources

First Days of School

Teacher's Corner Back to School Activities- Here are lots of classroom ideas and activities for the 1st day of school, organized by primary and intermediate grades.

ILoveTeaching.com- This useful site contains words of encouragement, tips for getting a new job, for setting up your first classroom, using technology, classroom management, and more.

The First Days of Middle School- Here are annotated links to wonderful articles, lessons, and resources for teaching middle school age kids. 

Fourteen Activities For the First Days of School-

Learning Student's Names- Here are several methods submitted by instructors.

TeacherVision Getting To Know Your Students- Here are ice-breakers and activities for student introductions.

Activities For the First Day of School- Appropriate for any grade level, here are some great ideas for introducing your classroom. Find icebreakers, puzzles, games, and surveys.

Teach-Nology Back to School- Find seating charts, activities, rules, name cards, bulletin board stuff, and more worksheets here. 

Back to School First Day Checklist- This is a very complete list of materials and management ideas to have in place for your classroom.

The First Day- Here are some detailed scripts and tips for conducting your first day of school, designed for elementary classrooms.

Computer Rules- Here are some of the rules regarding computer use that other schools effectively use with students.

Debbie's Unit Factory- Here are lessons, management ideas, units, tips, and more for early elementary classrooms for the first month of school. 

First Day Lessons- Here is a list of multilevel lessons.

First Day's Checklist- This site contains some sample lessons and activities to use for the first few days in the primary classroom, as well as that first day checklist.

ProTeacher Back to School- This is a nice list of related annotated links.

TeacherVision Back to School- This great resource contains useful handouts, lessons by subject, and management ideas. 

ABCTeach Back to School- Here are some handouts to use for the first days of school.