Exworthy Educational Resources

General Resources For Educators

New York Net Projects- Wow! Find internet projects, PowerPoint presentations, and lessons, organized by grade level and subject. This is great.

ILoveSchools.com - School teachers request materials and supplies while potential donors search for a teacher in need of their gifts of money, computers, supplies and new and used goods.

Teaching TreasuresFind many unique online interactive activities, projects, worksheets and links by subject at this Australian theme site.

Teacher's Closet- This wonderful resource contains dated daily journal topics, lesson plans, resources, and more links by subject. 

I Love That Teaching Idea- Wow, here are tips and lessons that teachers have submitted, nicely organized by just about every aspect of elementary teaching.

TeacherVision.com- This great resource contains lessons, curriculum, communication tips, tests and assessments, online grade books, and lots more. Find Parent Conference notifications, updates, and other printables.

Brainyquote.com- Looking for a daily quote on just about any subject? Find it at this well-organized site.

NEA Professional Growth Library- Browse or search for professional education titles, place your order online, and even read the text of selected books online absolutely free.

Schedule Online- This is the place to find an online calendar, email, to-do list, contacts, and more.

Pitsco's Launch to Educational Resources- This site has the links educators need, everything from AUP's to Weather sites, all alphabetically arranged.

School Counselor- Here is a new resource for school counselors that contains a newsletter,

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators- A site of Internet-based resources, complete with presentations, lessons, projects and lots and lots more.

SuperKidz- Here is a place to find resources for young kids and teachers.

Busy Teacher's Cafe- Dedicated to the K-3 classroom, this site has Internet activities, worksheets, units/lessons, and classroom management tips.

K-12 Links - Yahoo For Educators- Links by subject are here, some kind of obscure.

Discovery Channel for Education- This commercial site offers lesson plans, teacher guides, calendar, and discussion groups integrated with the television broadcasts. It's a good site.

Lightspan.com- This is a giant, huge resource for teachers. Tools and Resources contain lessons, themes, links by subject and grade, professional development and school reform, projects, communication and lots more. Find a certificate and flashcard maker, too.

Mining.com- This is a huge resource for educators that includes links by subject, education issues, lesson plans, technology integration ideas, magazines, chat and more!

Wee Mouse's Home Page- Here is a Site that contains some really useful links for educators. Find links to good grant information here.

PBS Teacher Previews- This is the weekly online newsletter from PBS Online designed specifically for preK-12 educators. Each week, you'll find new Web features, details on PBS broadcast programs with educational taping rights, station resources, professional development opportunities, and products from shopPBS.

One Nation- Organization against bilingual education presents its viewpoints.

iEducationVideos.com- Teachers looking for videos to purchase can find it here, videos organized by subject and topic.