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Classroom Management

Classroom Management- Developing self-esteem, welcome techniques, necessary supplies, classroom set-up, parent communication, center-based instruction, first day preparations, home visits, and behavior standards are some of the topics discussed here.

Effective Classroom Management Techniques- Here are teacher's ideas and links to more resources.

PreK-12 Teachers Effective School Discipline- This site explores classroom, school, and district discipline programs.

Classroom Management-Discipline and Organization-  Here is a list of reward ideas, seating, work-done activities, themes, fundraising, and bulletin board ideas for elementary classrooms.

Classroom Management Menu- Find 10 links to resources that will guarantee a successful classroom experience. 

You Can Handle Them All- Here are models for handling over 100 disruptive behaviors at school.

Dr. Mac's Behavior Management Advice Site- Ask for advice or follow the many, many topics covered at this great resource.

A Guide to Classrooms that Work

Positive Behavior Support- Here is a rich site containing information related to positive reinforcement for behavior modification. 

The Behavior Homepage- This is a great resource for parents and educators containing links to research, intervention methods, needs assessments, technical information, legal information and more related to behavior management.

I Love Teaching.com- This site contains short, useful techniques for new and veteran teachers. It includes the topics: classroom management, technology, mentoring, getting the first job, and more.