Exworthy Educational Resources

Consumer Skills and Life Skills

Just Think- How do we cope in a world that is media saturated? Dedicated to teaching information, technology and visual literacy, this site provides current information on social events, films and lots more.

Adcracker.com- Designed for advertising developers, this site is a wonderful place to teach high school advertising or to teach how advertising affects our behavior. Find some great ideas for all classroom levels here, too. 

Ad Dissection 101- In Webquest format, this project engages high school students in analysis of TV advertising. 

Consumer Jungle- Students become savvy consumers by learning about credit cards, car loans, check books, rent and other life skills.  Teachers find free classroom materials.

Reality Check- After High School students need to learn how much it costs to live in the real world. This super cool site provides a wake-up call to anyone!!

Embre Outreach Transition- Find surveys and tons of grade level information for eventually transitioning to adulthood.