Exworthy Educational Resources

Media Literacy

Media Literacy Clearinghouse- This is a large and complete resource of links that are organized by media type and topic. Check here first for information, lessons, and more!!

Media Awareness- This site offers teaching units, student handouts, timely reports and background material for media education across the curriculum, K - 12.

The Media Literacy Online Project- This is a comprehensive online media resource collection that contains links to sites related to media literacy. This is a good resource for any educator developing a media literacy unit.

Don't Buy It- Students can critically analyze media, fashion modeling, current music, junk food, and more.

Center for Media Literacy- This is a great resource for information and links.

Media Awareness Network- This Site contains great information and links for parents, teaches and students. It also contains a great downloadable game that teaches kids ages 9-12 how to discriminate good web info from junk info.

Ads.com- Teachers looking for a particular advertisement to teach media literacy can find it here. Find television ads by product or time slot!