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Lessons and Resources for Evaluating Website Content

Evaluation Skill Development Resources 

 Hoax Site Examples For Use in Lessons

WYSIWYG- Here is webquest that leads students through the process of website evaluation. 

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly- This site contains wonderful examples of great through poor sites, with a page that has the criteria for critical evaluation.

Evaluation Wizard- This wizard takes students through the process of evaluating a website and offers a summary at the end. It is great!

Web Pages That Suck- Look at what is bad on the web when designing something good.

Evaluating Internet Research Sources- Here is detailed information describing how and why to evaluate web resources. More of the same is here.

Evaluating Web Pages: A Webquest- High school students assume roles and evaluate the content of websites, organized into four topics.

WYSWYG- Here is a great project that engages kids in website evaluation asks then to collaboratively create a list of "Reliability Rules." This is the Complete Lesson Plan.

The Big 6- The Big6tm provides students with a tried and true method to find resources, evaluate content, and answer questions.

Nuts and Bolts of the Big Six- This downloadable game board and cards creates a fun and educational game for students learning media and information literacy.

Evaluating, Selecting and Citing Web Sources- This Flash online presentation covers the concepts with pizzazz, great for staff development.

  Things to Know About The Internet- Taft school presents this site full of information about the Web, including a great section linking bogus sites and offering ways of recognizing sites containing bad information.

The ABC's of Web Page Evaluation- Designed for middle elementary students, this is a simple form for students to use to evaluate web pages. 

Comparing and Evaluating Web Information Resources- A glossary of terms, an evaluation rubric, and many links to more resources related to website evaluation are here.

Evaluation Of Information Sources- Here are lots of links to sites that discuss criteria for evaluating information resources.

Schrock's- Evaluation of Web Content -Here you will find some great links to sites that provide you with the tools to critically evaluate the value of a website.

Website Evaluation Worksheet- Evaluate a website's content by adding up points from this sheet.

Critical Evaluation Information- Kathy Schrock presents these website evaluation surveys, for elementary, middle school level and high school level. Find several  links to great evaluation information here.

Evaluation of World Wide Websites: Annotated Bibliography- Kathy Schrock has collected articles that discuss the reasons for teaching evaluation skills.

Thinking Critically about the WWW Resources- Concerned with content accuracy, this Site contains a long list of points to consider when conducting online research.

Ed's Oasis-Evaluation Center- This site contains 30 guidelines the Editorial Board of ED's Oasis uses to evaluate educational web sites. Students can use this as a resource and guide when developing their Websites.

Close Up- Untangling the Web- This PowerPoint presentation and lesson plan is designed to help teachers and students develop criteria by which to evaluate Web sites for content and credibility.

Cybersense and Nonsense- Here is a PC downloadable game that is designed to help children between the ages of 9-12 learn to distinguish between biased, prejudicial information and factual, objective information, and to detect bias and harmful stereotyping in online content.

Web Evaluation Guide- Here is a very thorough guide for evaluating Webpage content. This is great for staff development, too.

Internet Detective- Here is an interactive, online tutorial which provides an introduction to the issues of information quality on the Internet and teaches the skills required to evaluate critically the quality of an Internet resource.

Evaluation Critieria- Start here when describing the criteria of evaluating websites. 

Information and Links to Hoax Sites

Website Critical Evaluation- Designed for grades 9-12, this page contains links to sites that are great for critical evaluation. Supply the evaluation sheet and you are ready to teach high schoolers or staff development workshops.

Evaluating Web Resources- Here is a PowerPoint presentation that describe the process for evaluating web content. Examples of sites are here, also.

Ethics 101: Cheating, Plagiarism, Website Evaluation, and Copyright Information For Your Students- This wonderful resource contains links to resources related to cheating, detection sites for plagiarism, website evaluation and examples of bad content, techniques for teaching website evaluation, copyright information, citing references, and more.

Graveyard of Hoax Sites Use these sites to show that everything on the web was not true.

Jacopo di Poggibonsi- This site is well done, flashy, looks authentic, completely fake.

Web Site Evaluation- Here is a list of 18 different Hoax sites that can be used in lessons teaching evaluation skills.

The Gallery of Hoax Websites- This is a huge collection of links to bogus sites for teaching website evaluation.