Exworthy Educational Resources

Technology History

Kids and Computers- This is a great site containing sequential lessons for teaching kids the basics of using Windows95/98 and how computers work. Kids Can Program teaches young children the basics of programming.

The Easter Egg Archive- This site lists and rates amusing tidbits found in software, videos, commercials, music, and more.

Technology at Home- Students can watch an animation demonstrating the technology changes in the last century. There are biographies of inventors and information about a variety of discoveries. 

The Computer History Museum- Here is a computer development timeline and online exhibits.

The History of the Internet- Here are links to several sites that describe the history of the Internet.

Wayback: Technology of 1900- Learn about the last century's contribution to travel, communication, and music here. Read an interesting prediction of today's technology written in 1900.

Online Learning Environment- This is a site developed by Ed Schmidt of Putnam County High School (Illinois) for the purpose of using the Internet as part of his Technology and Engineering curriculum. This site is aimed at students in grades 8-12 and in the areas of Science, Junior Engineering, Intro to Technology, and Principles of Technology. It consists of Technological topics, sites to learn about the topics and Online Quizzes to be administered after the sites have been reviewed. This is a great award winning resource for teachers and students engaged in just about any technology related field of study!