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General Technology Information for Teachers

International Society for Technology in Education-ISTE provides legislative updates, links to the major conferences, information about books and courseware, connections to educator standards, a listing of Tech/Ed jobs, and more. AECT provides more listings of technology conferences and information for teachers using technology.

ITTE- Here is another organization providing support and resources for teachers using technology. A great component is the Education Leadership Toolkit that focuses information for innovative school leaders and school board members.

TeacherVision.com- This powerhouse of resources contains both technology and teaching materials,  from full units and lesson plans to downloadable forms.

Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers- Teachers can find information about classroom management, electronic portfolios, online projects, tips for integrating computers and tips for using FileMaker Pro here.

Microsoft Classroom Teacher Network- Find lots of instructional resources here.

PBS Teacher Connex- Teachers and parents can find links to the Websites of commonly viewed educational programs for pre-schoolers here. It provides links to the sites, as well as detailed descriptions of the programs and time and channel.

Virtual High School - Teachers who are involved in this innovative program are developing lessons designed for the Internet. Check out how to establish a distance learning program at your school and learn more about this great program.

Access Excellence- Information is provided for educators of the 21st Century. This site contains upper level information, strongly associated with bio-tech.

CTAP Cal Tech Assist Project- Information regarding grants, legislation, news and state technology resources is found here.

CUE-Computer Using Educators- Conference registration and highlights, newsletter info, and links to professional organizations are found at this site.

Classroom Connect- Schools online, resources, conference info, products and other educational info is found at this premier organization's Website. Links  to education websites by topic, complete with good description can be used here!

Microsoft k12Education- It has tons of useful information for technology integration and staff development. Go to Site Index for all kinds of great information for teachers. 

Intel in Education Website- This great resource contains four areas including K-12, Higher Education, Grants and Scholarships and Using Technology in Education. Of particular interest will be the K-12 Education pages that include Resources and Tools, Events and Activities, and information about Student Work Programs.  In Resources and Tools you will find all of the information about The Journey Inside: The Computer, including the online newsletter, the newsletter archive, and other resources such as How a Microprocessor Works and I Can Do That -- a section featuring careers at Intel.  How Chips are Made explains the complex process of making a microprocessor.

Science and Math Initiatives- This site was originally designed to provide rural teachers with a resource for using the WWW. The Teachers Help Service is thirteen mentor teachers who will help find resources on the Internet such as projects, activities, lesson plans, etc. They are available to help plan a project, locate penpals, and provide ideas for using just one computer in a classroom for a project, etc. Here, teachers will also find funding sources, library resources, acceptable use plans, lessons and teaching guides.

California School Information Services- This organization is trying to provide student information throughout the state for easy transfer of student data across districts. 


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Software Evaluation


Web-Based E-Mail, Gradebooks, and Communication


Worksheets -Gradebook- Test-Generators - Certificates - Puzzlemakers - Online Programs



Teach-NologyFree Worksheets- Click at the top of the page to find pages filled with printable worksheets for handwriting, language, writing, and multiple math levels. 

edhelper.com- This site provides lots of worksheets for math, language, and monthly themes.

ABC Babysit- Here are printable projects, puzzles and activities for teachers of young students, organized by topic. Substitute teachers will find these useful!

ABCTeach- This is the place for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers to find over 5000+ free printable pages, organized by topics. 

Teaching Resources- The File Cabinet is a collection of activity worksheets and blackline masters for elementary teachers. They are in PDF format, so you'll need the Adobe Acrobat.

Graphic Organizers- Here are printable worksheets to be used with research papers and writing assignments. 

Free Worksheets- Find lots of alphabet, beginning reading, and math worksheets for younger students.

Resources for Catholic Educators- Find religion related lessons, worksheets, and clipart, lots of information, and more.

LearningPage.com- Here are downloadable primary and elementary worksheets that are organized by subject and theme, as well as clipart, lessons and teaching tips.

School Express- Here are over 7000 FREE worksheets in phonics, math, science, language arts, social studies, history, human education and more. Find activities and 267 free educational programs.

S and S Software Free Worksheets- Here are elementary math worksheets, organized by math function and problems.

Teacher Time-Saver- Here are many, many worksheets, organized by subject and topic. As the title suggests, this is for extra time or to be used as daily activities.

RHL School Free Worksheets-  Here are lots of great worksheets for English Basics, Mathematics computation, Math problem solving, Reading comprehension, and Research skills. They are easily adaptable to fit lesson plans or fill extra time.

Neuroscience Worksheets, Puzzles and Games- This site has many useful worksheets related to the brain for all grade levels.

EdHelper- This site contains lots of lesson plans by subject, as well as many worksheets. Find 1296 Webquests, 1600 critical thinking problems, exams, and more.

Free Worksheets-  Handwriting- Here are printing worksheets organized by letter, appropriate for ages 5-6 years.

PuzzleMaker- This online resource creates word search, double puzzle, crossword puzzles, cryptograms, math square, mazes, and more. 

Word Search Maker- Enter a title and up to 20 words.

Tutorial World Here are elementary worksheets and tests.

TeacherVision- The "Printables" area of this great resource contains quizzes, worksheets, handouts, themes, and lots more.


Tests, Puzzles, Quizzes


12teach.com- Register for free and create online, multiple choice or fill-in exams, maintain scoring, keep grades, and create statistical information here.

Javascript Quizmaker- Fill in the form to create multiple choice tests.

IKnowThat.com- This "shockwave" driven site provides beautifully animated, online, web-based elementary lessons and activities that teach and explore art, reading, light science, games, and more.

Class Builder- This "Free" application is a suite of programs featuring exam creation, grading, gradebook, reports, lesson plans, assignments, calendar, randomized exams to prevent in-class cheating, team grades as well as individual grades, attendance, and lots more.

Puzzlemaker- Here is a Site that allows you to create puzzles and games for your  classroom assignments. Find word search, cross word, hidden word, math square, and others. This is a great site for any teacher.

InteractiveTests.com- Teachers can create their own or use other people's multiple choice tests. Post them here or on your own website.

Funbrain-   Teachers can create quizzes online for their students to enjoy. Results are emailed back to the teacher. This Site contains many different educational puzzles that elementary students will enjoy when there is free time.

Educational Testing Source -Testing information for parents, teachers and students is here. Info about GRE, GMAT and others, complete with practice is available. Job search, info about colleges and info about financial aide is also here,  interesting research , too!

TutorCenter- Teachers can create or find quizzes for their students here. Students can find games and puzzles and parents can track students' progress.




Success Certificates- Organized by grade level and topic, this site lets teachers choose from hundreds of PDF downloadable award certificates, to be given as awards for other teachers or students.

Casa Notes- Teachers can quickly make, and customize, typical notes that are sent home to parents or given to the students. This is done by using templates and allowing the teachers to customize some of the content, choose a color scheme and add a graphic.

Certificate Creator- Choose the topic, pick a style, fill in the information, and print out a personalized certificate.



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Online Translation Websites



Prompt Reverso- Teachers can copy and paste notes or letters for parents and this site will translate them from one language to another. This is USEFUL!! 

Free Translation.com- Here is a similar service for translating paragraphs.

Alta Vista's Babel Fish- This site lets you translate words or phrases between English and five other languages.

Online Translation Dictionaries- Here is a collection of dictionaries that cover almost every language, just what you need to communicate with all of your families. 

Translate-Free.com- This is a nice list of links to sites that provide free word/paragraph translation for many languages.

Translating Dictionaries-

English to Persian Dictionary- Type in words and common phrases.

Systran- Paste text  for translation or type in URL for Webpage tanslation here.

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Educational Newsgroups

Tile.net- This is a searchable database of any newsgroup or listserve for any subject.


Online Programs- Gradebooks


GradeBook Templates for Excel

Free Grading Software-


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