Online Tests, Puzzles, Quizzes

Javascript Quizmaker- Fill in the form to create multiple choice tests. This "shockwave" driven site provides beautifully animated, online, web-based elementary lessons and activities that teach and explore art, reading, light science, games, and more.

PowerPoint Activities- Download templates to customize and play Jeopardy, Hollywood Squares, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and Weakest Link in your classroom!

Cascade District- Find more downloadable games, lessons, and activities templates.

Class Builder- This "Free" application is a suite of programs featuring exam creation, grading, gradebook, reports, lesson plans, assignments, calendar, randomized exams to prevent in-class cheating, team grades as well as individual grades, attendance, and lots more.

Puzzlemaker- Here is a Site that allows you to create puzzles and games for your  classroom assignments. Find word search, cross word, hidden word, math square, and others. This is a great site for any teacher. Teachers can create their own or use other people's multiple choice tests. Post them here or on your own website.

Funbrain-   Teachers can create quizzes online for their students to enjoy. Results are emailed back to the teacher. This Site contains many different educational puzzles that elementary students will enjoy when there is free time.

Educational Testing Source -Testing information for parents, teachers and students is here. Info about GRE, GMAT and others, complete with practice is available. Job search, info about colleges and info about financial aide is also here,  interesting research , too!

TutorCenter- Teachers can create or find quizzes for their students here. Students can find games and puzzles and parents can track students' progress.