Exworthy Educational Resources

Beginning and Advanced HTML

HTML Color Code Chart- Here are the codes and examples of the colors. .

GoToAndLearn- Here are lots of super advanced videos for creating cutting edge Flash presentations.

Minot Public Schools- This page contains links to all levels of HTML instruction, as well as links to Dreamweaver and Flash resources. 

Creating Your Own Website- Copy and paste the provided code to learn the basics and advanced features.

Oreilly.com- This huge resource contains tutorials and information for using advanced network and web creation applications covering Apache, BSD, Java, Linux, Mac, Mozilla, .NET, and more.

CSS Tutorial- 

CSS Tutorial-

The Java Boutique- Here are tutorials for everyone, from experienced programmers to the novice.

Page Resource.com- Advanced HTML Tutorials- Here are the how-to's for lots of advanced coding, from adding sound to metatags and DHTML. This is a great advanced resource.

Webpedia- This is an online newsletter containing current Internet news and information related to Web authoring, design and programming.

W3Schools.com- Wow! Find tutorials, quizzes, copy/paste samples and a large number of free Web building tutorials, from basic HTML and XHTML tutorials, to advanced XML, XSL and WAP tutorials.

Zdnet Devhead- This page provides link check, style check, html check, and other utilities for your site. It offers tutorials and lots of scripts that can be downloaded to your site.

Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi– Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi is a comprehensive guide to writing web sites. Designed for the advanced beginner or professional designer, you'll find what you need here, quickly and clearly. Information listed includes: lists, tables, forms, frames, style sheets, tips and tricks.

Web Reference Internet.com - Here is a full reference for  Website development. It contains everything from basic Web guides to advanced level VRML instruction. It has links to just about every article, graphic and tutorial connected to Webpage development!

Sandia HTML Reference Manual-   Here is a reference manual that details information regarding HTML, special characters, syntax, URL's and icons. This is dry stuff.