Exworthy Educational Resources

Web-based Webpage Editors

Matmice- This site allows kids to develop their own webpages using the online editor. The greatest part is that there are no ad banners and it is a safe place.

Classroom.tripod.com- Here is the free webspace, tools, tips, and information needed to have teachers and students develop a secure and safe classroom or school website.

FamilyEducation.com- Here is another place to easily build and post your school's website for a small fee. 

TeacherVision.com- Use the provided tools and templates to make and post your school's or classrooms' website.

Teachers.Net Homepage Maker- If you really don't want to write any code of use an editing program, this site provides forms that, when completed,  make any webpage design that you choose. It's still free. 

Xdrive- Download the low-cost utility (free Beta) and access 75 MB of  webspace from any computer. It shows up as a drive letter in explorer and when saving from any application. Back-up critical files or enjoy MP3s, video, or photos anywhere.

Teachology- This site offers a simple, and most importantly, FREE method that can be used to create your own personal web site.