Exworthy Educational Resources

African Cultures

Africa-This PBS, graphic rich, site explores 8 African regions, complete with photos, explorations and cultural activities for kids, teacher tools, and more.

OnTheLine Exploration- On the Line is a Millennium project that explores and celebrates the lives of people living along the Greenwich Meridian Line (zero meridian)-  through slide shows, education, culture, biomes, and more. 

Images of Power and Identity- This online exhibition contains great information and photos about the culture, history, and art of  Western Sudan, Guinea Coast, Yoruba Peoples, East Guinea Coast, Camaroon, Ogowe River Basin, Upper and Lower Congo, and Southern and East Africa.

African Voices- This very visual and informative Smithsonian site offers  history, timelines, and cultural information in a visually captivating way.

Egyptian Presidency- Here is an information filled site offering details about the Egyptian President, the first lady, the Aberdeen Palace, and the history, geography and political system of Egypt.

Africa Online- Children can find information about current African culture, schools, and languages here. There are games, puzzles and biographies of famous Africans. Students can find a key pal at a school in Africa!

Amazon Interactive- Suitable for elementary and older students, this is an interactive exploration of the geography of the Amazon region with a lot to be learned about the rain forest and the Quichua people. There is also an ecotourism game to try some virtual conservation strategies.