Exworthy Educational Resources

Sites with Collections of Cultural Resources

Mama Lisa's World- Here are songs and rhymes from all around the world. Translations to English and musical scores are included.

GlobalGang- This is a great place to learn about kids in foreign countries. Explore other nations' food, jokes, customs, sports, and more. Students are invited to share their culture's information, also.

Cultural Connections- Click on the map and get great information, pictures, maps, activities, recipes and more related to many different countries- great for elementary students.

Cultures On the Edge- Find photos, information, news, and more on indigenous cultures worldwide..  

Voices of Youth- Children from around the world learn about other cultures and study current problems by discussion in topic chat rooms.

Games From Around the World- Here are descriptions of four games from Africa, Greece, Japan, and the U.S.

WTech Gateway- Here is basic information about many countries, organized by continent.

World Surfari- Choose a country and obtain brief historical information, demographics, geography, and links to more information. This is a great place for general research information or to begin a project.