Exworthy Educational Resources

 Various Holidays and Customs

Theme World- Here are hundreds of holiday themes to download to your computer that change the desktop background, screensaver, and cursor; organized by many topics. T

Cinco de Mayo: Celebrating Mexico's History- Here is the history, celebration ideas, and lessons related to Cinco de Mayo.

Children of the Moon Cinco de Mayo- Here is the history of Cinco de Mayo, family traditions, history of Piņatas, craft activities, jumping bean secrets, recipes and more.

Earth Calendar- Organized by date, country, and  lunar phases, this is a searchable calendar of worldwide holidays. 

Holidays on the Net- Visitors will find good information about all of the major holidays and some of more obscure ones celebrated by different cultures in America.

Celebrations Around the World- This wonderful student-developed site contains short descriptions of how varous countries celebrate Christmas, Easter, birthdays, New Year, various holidays, recipes, and games. This is very well done and useful.  

Encyclopedia of Days- Grouped alphabetically by country, religion, or topic, this site includes brief
descriptions of holidays from all over the world.

December Holidays

December Holidays- Christmas Links and resources

Christmas Traditions of France and Canada- Learn about the family, religious, communal, and historical Christmas traditions. Use this information to compare and contrast different cultures and their holiday traditions.

Happy Holidays- This site contains easy information related to how December Holidays are celebrated worldwide.

Christmas.com's Worldwide- This neat site lets you click on a country from the world map and find that culture's history for celebrating Christmas.

Norad Tracks Santa- Click on the map to see a video of where he's been or is working currently. Great!

WorldWide Christmas Calendar-Tons of links to Christmas resources

SantaLand.com- This site is full of activities, songs, traditions, recipes, ornament history, stories, and lots more. This is an awesome resource!

The Official Kwanzaa WebSite-

Have Yourself a Merry LIttle Christmas Page- Here are links to Christmas screensavers, clipart, kid's activities, websites related to Chrsitmas, and lots more.

Holiday Zone- Teachers planning units or lessons related to a holiday will find lessons, activities, information and more for most any holiday.

Billy Bear- This kid-centered site contains great history, activities, games, and downloads that are organized by major holiday.

Holidays on the Net- Choose a holiday and find detailed information, history and great activities.

Preschool Arts and Crafts for the Holidays-

Web-Holidays.com- Current holidays for the month are highlighted at this site containing history, activities, recipes, crafts, and more- For kids and adults.

St. Patrick's Day- Here is information, activities, and a Web hunt for K-3 classes.

Groundhogs at HogHaven- This is the place to learn about groundhogs and Groundhog's Day. Find photos, sounds, and information.

Groundhog Day- Find the historical beginnings of the holiday, as well as a yearly count of shadow appearances.

Activities and Crafts for Groundhog Day-

Kid's Domain Holidays- Here are lots more activities, history, games, and downloads for elementary kids, organized by most every holiday.

Mom's Day Links contains craft ideas for making mom a gift. Mother's Day Fun has great pre-school activities.

Halloween-Online has tons of links to activities and planning ideas. 

Everything Halloween- Here is the place to find party info, safety stuff, haunted houses, games, traditions, and more. 

HalloweenMagazine.com- From safety tips to Halloween history and ghostly graphics, this site is the place to start your unit.

Costume Idea Zone- This site contains only lists of ideas for great costumes, kids and adults.  

Halloween Ideas- Here are tons of ideas for pumpkin carving, hosting parties, cooking, making costumes, crafting, and more. Check here first.

HalloweenKids.com- Here are games, activities, safety tips, carving suggestions, and lots more.

Halloween- Find the history, stories, crafts, activities, links, and more.

The PumpkinNook- Find links to most everything here.

Halloween Celebrations- Party ideas, screen-savers, recipes, activities, stories, crafts, costumes, history, and much more related to Halloween are here. 

Pumpkin Carving 101 has design ideas.

Ancient Roots, Modern Holidays- Every holiday's beginnings are explained, links to units are provided, and lessons are available at this excellent resource. 

Earth Calendar- This day planner designed site allows users to click on a date and find worldwide holidays.

Chinese New Year- Find the history, recipes, decorations, superstitions and more related to the Chinese New Year.