Exworthy Educational Resources

Lessons and Projects

Asia for Educators- Organized by time period and area, find lessons, units, and more!

Google Earth Lessons- Organized by subject, find lessons both teacher or student directed lessons across the curriculum.

Tour Canada From Space- Here are great satellite images of Canada's provinces. Students can explore forest clear-cutting, airports, lakes, and rivers and answer the provided questions.

Geographia- Organized by Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, and Latin Amercia, here are destinations around the world that provide cultural and geographic information, ideal for students.

Geography World- By Lakeland High School, this is a giant site that has everything needed to teach and learn about geography. From climate and cultures to quizzes and maps, it has it all.

Earthwalker- This is the true adventure of Dave Kunst, the first person to have circled the entire landmass of the earth on foot. Learn about the travels and places that he visited.

MontanaKids- Wow, this site covers everything about Montana, designed just for kids. Find agriculture, activities, plants and animas, fun facts, history, and lots more.